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This is Houston. Which means, in the summer, it's too hot not to have a way to cool down outside. So, put a pool in! Wait, they're how much? That's right. A pool installation typically costs around $10,000. For a plunge pool or cocktail pool, we were quoted $25,000! That's when the research began. What if there was an alternative to the fully installed pool that breaks the bank, yet did not have the, ahem..."aesthetic" of a normal above ground pool? The answer was the stock tank pool: a non-permanent, above ground option that felt great and looked legit. We didn't want to do it poorly, so we primed, epoxy coated and installed a saline system in our pool. It looked fantastic, it was an amazing way to cool down, and we learned a ton in the process.

If you are looking for a pool option that fits your backyard, your aesthetic, and your budget, look no further. Houston Stock Tank Pool does it all for you. We mean everything - we bring the pool to you,  pre-drilled to then install pumps on site. Trust us, although the stock tank pool can be a DIY project, it's certainly not a one weekend job, and there is a ton of trial and error. We've done the work before, and we've figured it out.


Let us handle the project for you! Contact us for a custom installation plan.

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